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At NG Tiles & Bathrooms, we are here to help you improve your home and garden space. Whether redoing you bathroom or your kitchen, we will make sure to help you with every step.
We have brought Turkey’s best tile brand to your feet, Kutahya Seramik, now in the UK with us at NG Tiles & Bathroom Ltd. With our friendly and helpful staff, we are here to provide great tiles at great prizes, with great service.
Like everything else, we follow the trend within the tile industry; each day with different colours and patterns, you will want to redecorate the whole of your property.

With our huge range of granite, quartz and marble, in a wide variety of colours, we supply kitchen worktops with template, cutting, polishing and fixing by our professional team.

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A: If you are going to use under floor heating, we would recommend larger tiles, as grout does not conduct heat as well as the tile itself. The larger the tile, the less grouting required.

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A: Small tiles are most of the time considered best for smaller bathrooms, but we would advise larger plain tiles, as there would be less grouting, and having larger tiles will create the illusion of a wider space.

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A: When tiling the floor in a wet area, you should choose matt textured tiles to give you the extra grip, using smooth tiles may be too slippery therefore a higher risk of accidents. Whereas for the wall, both smooth and textured will work; smooth surface tiles will be easier to clean.

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A: If you come to us with dimensions, we will be able to help you figure out how many tiles you need, as each tile is a different size. It is also advisable that you get an extra 10% just in case if you have any breakage.

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Worldwide Shipping

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Online Support 24/7

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Money Return Guarantee

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If you change your mind, you can return your purchases to us in its original, un-opened, packaging, within 7 days of purchase; just bring your delivery or collection note with you.
We will be unable to offer a refund or exchange for products cut to size such as kitchen worktops and splash backs, and last stocks on tiles. But if the product is faulty, we will offer repair as needed.
In order to get a refund or exchange a product(s) please give us a call on 0208 988 1818 or email us at infoo@ngtilesbathrooms.co.uk quoting the D.N. number and the name.
There will be no charge for returning tiles and mosaics. For certain products, such as bathroom units, e.g. shower tray/basin cabinet unit, there will be a 25% restocking fee. Depending on the returning products, collection service may be available at a small fee.

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